Really home

This photo sums it up. I love what we do but also love sleep. I hate photos of myself but seeing Stanley happy and progressing gets me past myself. I saw what I did wrong today and also what we did right. Vowing to enjoy every moment of the journey with Stanley whatever the destination.




Back home – yeah

What I learned about Southern Alberta:

Lundbreck Falls: the area was made famous when a full T-Rex Skelton was found along the bank of the Old Man River by school children.

Waterton Park – joined together with the US in1932, it became the world’s first International Peace Park to honor peace and goodwill between the two nations.

Cardston- Fay Wray was born here. George Woolf who rode Seabiscuit in the 1938 race of the century was also born in Cardston

Lethbridge – “Sikh-okotoks”, the Place of the Black Rocks (coal) was home to the Blackfoot Confederacy for over ten thousand years until the 1860’s. The America army outlawed the flow of alcohol in Montana and bootleggers looked north. These smart folks mixed alcohol with river water, lye, and chewing tobacco making a new irresistible whiskey. The US caused grief and the first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald, sent the newly formed North West Mounted Police to establish order at Fort Whoop- Up.

Head-Smashed-In buffalo jump –
The name didn’t come from the buffalo falling off the cliff like I thought (wrong again !). The name comes from a story about a young boy who wanted to see the buffalo jump off the cliff. He stood under the ledge to watch the kill. The boy got trapped under the buffalo and his skull was crushed. This is an amazing site that you should visit.

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park –
You can see the Montana border and the Sweet Grass Hills. For the Blackfoot people and anyone who visits, this is a spiritual site.

It was a long a bit frustrating trip home but I’m already looking forward to visiting again next spring!







Last day in Alberta.

At the Delta airport hotel. We fly to Toronto early tomorrow.
Worked dogs all morning then visited Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. An amazing site. I sadly got a few last views of the majestic Canadian Rockies. It has been a wonderful and very educational trip.






Working in the Bad Lands

What a joy to work with Scott in the prairies of Alberta. He’s done a great job with Stan. Good news is Stanley went to work for me straight away. Laura Esterman did shedding with her Meg. Sunny and windy – a beautiful day.




Stanley said hi and went to work with Scott. I’m excited with his work and am looking forward to lessons over the next few days.

We visited Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. Walking amongst the hoodoos is close to spiritual.





The Cowboy Trail

After a bit of detention and lots if questioning getting into Canada – my past coming back to haunt me – I got on the Cowboy Trail just south of Calgary. Started in Black Diamond which I learned is named for the abundance of coal and not a ski mountain term. It a little quintessential western mining town with oil drilling right outside. The view of the Canadian Rockies in the background is spectacular. I stopped in the next town along The Cowboy Trail – Longview to grab lunch and take some photos for Barbara Leverett. Stopped at Lundbreck Falls – advertised as the little sister to Niagara. Waterton Park is intoxicating. Just tremendous.